What is "Torumo"?

What is Torumo?
Torumo is a service that allows you to use your PC or smartphone to control a real claw crane game, and have any prizes that you win delivered to your home.
Taking full advantage of the rich operational know-how of Bandai Namco Amusement, you can enjoy the same experience as playing a crane game in an arcade anywhere you like.
Registering & Logging In to Torumo
Playing Torumo requires registration of a "Bandai Namco ID"
provided by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

●How to Register

Click the Registration button
Click the "Registration" button at the top of the Main Menu.

*If you already have a Bandai Namco ID, please click the "Log In" button and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the login.

BNID Registration Page
Proceed to the "Register New" Bandai Namco ID page, then follow the on-screen instructions to register.

*If you already have a Bandai Namco ID please click the "Log In Using Bandai Namco ID" button, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the login.

Register Delivery Address for Prizes

●How to Register

Click "Menu" ⇒ "Profile".

Click the "Check, Register or Change Delivery Address and Nickname" button.

Follow the on-screen instructions and register the name, address, and phone number for prizes to be delivered to.

Purchase Torumo Points
Playing Torumo requires "Torumo Points," as provided by Torumo.

●Purchase Method

Click on
Log in to the service, and click the ""Add Points" button at the Top Menu.

Purchase Page
A new tab will open. Please purchase Torumo Points in accordance with on-screen instructions.

Can be confirmed in the header
You can confirm purchased Torumo Points here.

How to Play - Prior to Starting a Game
Click on the prize you want to play for!
Tap the prize you want to play for.

The station of the selected product is displayed
A claw crane machine that you can use to try and win the selected prize will be displayed on the screen.
Tap the image of the prize to check further details about it.

Play screen: Click the Reserve button!
To start the game tap the "Reserve" button.
Once your reservation is complete it won't be cancelled even if you move away from that machine, so you're free to go hunting for other prizes!
Tap the "Reserve" button again to cancel your reservation.

Play screen: It's your turn!
Once your turn comes, this announcement will be displayed and you will be able to play the game.

Play screen: Click the Play! button
Tap the "Play!" button to start playing the game.

*If the timer displayed on the button falls to "0," the game will be passed to the next reserved user.

Play Screen: Control the claw crane!
The game begins, giving you control using the arrow buttons!

How to Play - During Play
Use the arrow buttons to move the claw crane arm, and tap the "Drop the Claw" button to confirm your placement.
The claw crane arm will only move while you are pressing the arrow buttons.
There are left, right, forward, and back buttons, and you can adjust the position as many times as you like within the time limit.

●Claw Crane Controls

Use the arrow buttons to control the direction and lower the crane
This is the "Front" camera view.
Use the left, right, forward, and back buttons to freely position the claw crane arm, then tap the "Drop the Claw" button.

Pressing "Drop the Claw" will change the view to "Front" and lower the claw crane arm.


Camera Controls
During play you can swap freely between the front and side cameras.
If you change the camera view then the directions of the arrow buttons will also change to match the claw crane arm's movement relative to the camera angle shown on-screen.

How to Play - End of Play

●End of Play

End of Play
After the claw crane arm opens at the end of its path and returns to its starting location, an "End of Play" message will be displayed, signaling the end of one play.

Play screen: Press
If you want to continue playing, tap the "Play!" button again within the time limit displayed on the button.
When the time limit reaches "0," your turn will end.
Press the "←(EXIT)" button in the bottom left to return to the Top Menu.

How to Play - Acquiring Prizes

●Prize Won!

Acquisition Demo
If you win a prize, an acquisition demo will be displayed.
The acquired prize will be added under "Shipping."

Drop Confirmation
At certain stations staff will confirm prize drops.
If that happens, this screen will be displayed. Please wait on this screen.
Once the staff have confirmed the prize drop, an acquisition demo will be displayed.

Send Prizes

●Getting Your Prizes

Mailing procedure from the
that you have won will be added to "Shipping".
Check the "Shipping Procedures"on the images of each product and then tap the "Send Selected Prizes" button.

Prize Shipping Procedures
Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the shipping procedures.